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53rd Open National Athletics Championships

Railways retained overall champs while Suriya and Dutee Chand completes double
Ranchi, Jharkhand – 10 September 2013
After two days of incessant rain the final day’s proceedings in 53rd National Open Athletics Championships concluded on Tuesday evening with yet another hurdle as a massive power shut-down disturbed the valedictory function at Birsa Munda Athletics Stadium here for quite some time.
Luckily all the events scheduled for the day have been completed in time.  Odisha sprinter Dutee Chand, running under ONGC banner, completes a double by adding the gold in 200m dash to the 100m she won earlier.   The Asian bronze medallist was just three hundredth of a second faster than her nearest rival Chavi Sharawat of Railways in the evening’s final.  Her state-mate Amiya Kumar Mallick ward off the challenge from Railway star Manikanda Arumugam as he went on to win the race in a noteworthy 21.22 secs.
Triple jump national record-holder Renjith Maheswary fails to defend his title as young Arpinder Singh once again upset him for the top spot by just 6 cm.  In yet another upset his teammate Sajeesh Joseph could not accomplish his second hat-trick of the championships as he lost the 1500m to services runner Sandeep Karan Singh.  Earlier Sajeesh achieved the hat-trick of wins in 800m.
Suriya Loganathan (23) completes a distance double, an act she first played in the previous edition of the Open Nationals at Chennai, and become the second athlete from Indian Railways to achieve a double at Ranchi after her teammate M.A. Prajusha did it with long and triple jumps.    In that process Suriya improved her personal best to 34:07.45.  Her previous best was 34:43.63 which she registered while finished seventh in this year’s Asian championships at Pune.  Suriya showed a steady progress in recent times and holding the Indian record for indoors in 3,000m with 9:09.81 clocked during the Asian Indoor Championships at Hangzhou, China, last year.
Army lad Kheta Ram (25), who barely missed a podium-finish at the Asian championships, wrests the men’s title with a time of 29:47.92.  Former Asian Junior champion Suresh Kumar Patel (ONGC) pushed the Services runner right from the beginning of the race and settled with a silver in a credible 29:48.10.  Earlier this year Suresh won the Federation Cup at Patiala and Kheta Ram took the Inter-State title in Chennai.
Athletes from services team made a clean sweep of medals in 400m with Kunhu Mohammed taking the top spot that prevents Arokya Rajiv defend the title in this event.
U.P. thrower Chandrodaya Narayan Singh recaptured the gold in hammer throw after two years while Parmila (Railways) clinched the medal on yellow metal in the absence of top names in the women’s discus throw.
Services team bettered their own meet record in men’s 4x400m relay.
200m (w: 0.2m/s): 1. Amiya Kumar Mallick (Odisha) 21.22 secs, 2. Manikanda Arumugam (Railways) 21.47, 3. Abudl Najeeb Qureshi (ONGC) 21.56, 4. V. Sajin (Services) 21.90, 5. Bino Aquito (ONGC) 21.97, 6. Yesu Raj (Services) 21.98;
400m: 1. Kunhu Mohammed (Services) 46.51 secs, 2. Arokya Rajiv (Services) 46.82, 3. Sachin Roby (Services) 46.91, 4. Sandeep Lathwal (Haryana) 47.32, 5. K.J. Arun (Kerala) 47.64, 6. Parveen (Haryana) 48.83;
1,500m: 1. Sandeep Karan Singh (Services) 3:46.97, 2. Sajeesh Joseph (Railways) 3:47.91, 3. Anil Singh (Madhya Pradesh) 3:48.05, 4. K.K. Ranjan (Services) 3:48.56, 5. Pranjal Gogai (Services) 3:50.00, 6. C. Manikandan (Delhi) 3:50.92;
10,000m: 1. Kheta Ram (Services) 29:47.92, 2. Suresh Kumar (ONGC) 29:48.10, 3. Ratiram Saini (Railways) 29:53.40, 4. Vishram Meena (Rajasthan) 30:05.53, 5. V.L. Dangi (Services) 30:19.57, 6. Santosh Kumar (Madhya Pradesh) 30:25.49;
Triple Jump: 1. Arpinder Singh (ONGC) 16.70m, 2. Renjith Maheswary (Railways) 16.64m, 3. A.V. Rakesh Babu (Services) 16.12m, 4. Birendra Singh (Services) 15.70m, 5. K. Sreejithmon (Kerala) 15.69m, 6. D. Arivu Selvam (Manipur) 15.45m;
Hammer Throw: 1. Chandrodaya Narayan Singh (Uttar Pradesh) 67.75m, 2. Niraj Kumar (Services) 66.19m, 3. Kaushal Singh (Services) 61.93m, 4. Amit Gill (Services) 59.13m, 5. Talvinder Singh (Railways) 58.78m, 6. Ramashankar Yadav (Madhya Pradesh) 58.53;
4 x 100m: 1. Tamil Nadu (M. Prakash, T. Balamurugan, S. Sathya, Al-Ameen) 41.02 secs, 2. Services 41.15, 3. Railways 41.34, 4. Rajasthan 41.63, 5. LIC 42.05, 6. Chandigarh 42.64;
4 x 400m: 1. Services (Kunhu Mohammed, Sachin Roby, Jithu Baby, Arokya Rajiv) 3:07.27 (NMR) (old record: Services 3:07.29 in 2002), 2. Haryana 3:11.87, 3. Railways 3:12.16, 4. Madhya Pradesh 3:13.84, 5. ONGC 3:13.94, 6. LIC 3:26.70;
200m (w: 0.4m/s): 1. Dutee Chand (ONGC) 24.02 secs, 2. Chavi Sharawat (Railways) 24.05, 3. V. Santhini (LIC) 24.30, 4. Srabani Nanda (Odisha) 24.49, 5. M.R. Poovamma (ONGC) 24.56, 6. C. Arya (LIC) 25.43;
1,500m: 1. Sini A. Markose (ONGC) 4:29.72, 2. O.P. Jaisha (Railways) 4:30.52, 3. Jhuma Khatun (Railways) 4:31.00, 4. Sushma Devi (Railways) 4:31.97, 5. Kiranjit Kaur (Police) 4:32.84, 6. Jyoti Rani (ONGC) 4:35.68;
10,000m: 1. L. Suriya (Railways) 34:07.45, 2. Kavita Raut (ONGC) 34:36.25, 3. Preeja Sreedharan (Railways) 35:11.58, 4. Monika Athare (LIC) 35:43.44, 5. Rohini Fulchand Raut (Universities) 36:38.41, 6. Thippava Sannaki (Railways) 37:22.95;
Discus Throw: 1. Parmila (Railways) 48.10m, 2. Manisha (Haryana) 42.56m, 3. Ankita Julka (LIC) 42.52m, 4. Sushila (Police) 41.83m, 5. Himani (Delhi) 41.19m, 6. Santosh Kumari (Railways) 40.77m;
Heptathlon: 1. Sushmita Singha Roy (Railways) 5183 points, 2. Purnima Hembram (ONGC) 5108, 3. Navpreet Kaur (Punjab) 5052, 4. Liksy Joseph (Railways) 4851, 5. K.D. Sindhu (Kerala) 4764, 6. Niksy Joseph (Railways) 4697;
4 x 100m: 1. Railways (Mandeep Kaur, Merlin K. Joseph, P.K. Priya, Saradha Narayana) 46.35 secs, 2. LIC 47.68, 3. Kerala 48.75, 4. ONGC 49.27, 5. Universities 50.33, 6. Delhi 50.46;
4 x 400m: 1. Kerala (K. Sinsha, Jessy Joseph, Nimisha Jayaprakash, Anilda Thomas) 3:43.90, 2. Railways 3:44.70, 3. ONGC 3:45.79, 4. LIC 3:47.47, 5. Police 4:02.00.
/ Ram. Murali Krishnan /
New meet marks by Sudha Singh and Annu Rani
Ranchi, Jharkhand – 9 September 2013
Three women took the limelight on the third and penultimate day of the 53rd National Open Athletics Championships at Birsa Munda Athletics Stadium here on Monday evening.
Tamil Nadu hurdler Gayathry Govindaraj, who barely missed a podium finish in Asian championships at Pune, reassured her position at the national scene as she clocked the second fastest time in her career (13.70 secs) to win the women’s 100m hurdles this evening.  Asian bronze medallist Hemasree Jayabal (LIC) finished second in 14.19 secs.
Gayathry, a double silver medallist in Commonwealth Youth Games five years ago also had a silver from the Asian junior championships at Hanoi in 2010.  She returned a personal best 13.59 secs while competing in the World junior championships at Moncton later that year.  Gayathry, an Engineering student at Anna University, is being trained by P. Nagarajan in Chennai.
Railway hurdler Arumugam Suresh, who earlier lost a chance to figure in the Inter-State finals at Chennai and thus an opportunity to earn a place on the Indian Team to Asian championships, come back with a bang to win the men’s 110m hurdles in a noteworthy 14.19 secs well ahead of Kuppusamy Premkumar (14.34s), another TN athlete whom preferred to represent Andhra Pradesh in the Open Nationals.  Suresh recently joined the Chennai-based Integral Coach Factory along with ace long jumper Kumaravel Prem Kumar.
Horizontal jumper M.A. Prajusha was the second athlete to capture the eyes of the little but knowledgeable fan crowd as she added her second gold in triple jump with a decent 12.91m leap.  On the opening day of the championships she got the long jump gold.  It was her second “double” in the Open Nationals.  Earlier she did this honour in 2009 at Bhopal.  It was also her second outing in triple jump this year after the Inter-Railway victory at Delhi with a season’s best 13.29m.
Asian silver medallist Sudha Singh gave Railways its third gold as she bettered her own meet mark in 3000m steeplechase clocking 10 minutes 9.04 secs.  Jaiveer Singh won the men’s race, a first for him in the Open Nationals and 34th for the Services team!
In women’s pole vault Khyati Vakharia (ONGC) continued her winning spree by defends her gold from arch-rival and national record-holder V.S. Sureka (Railways).
Arjun Kumar annexed his first ever win the championships by taking the discus throw gold.  High jumper Jithin C. Thomas defends his title from Chennai, however his winning mark was 11 cm short from the last edition.  An injury sustained during the long jump event forced Nikhil Chittarasu withdrew from the high jump final and hence take away the sheen from the competition.
Railways continue to lead the points table while Services standing top on the men’s side.
110m Hurdles (w: -0.2m/s): 1. A. Suresh (Railways) 14.19 secs, 2. K. Prem Kumar (Andhra Pradesh) 14.34, 3. T. Balamurugan (Tamil Nadu) 14.41, 4. J. Surendhar (Tamil Nadu) 14.46, 5. S. Kannan (Services) 14.66, 6. Rony Lukose (Services) 14.93;
3,000m Steeplechase: 1. Jaiveer Singh (Services) 9:00.41, 2. Sachin Patil (Railways) 9:09.12, 3. Karamvir (Services) 9:14.15, 4. Jasveer Singh (Services) 9:16.57, 5. Manju (Police) 9:17.36, 6. Pritam Bind (ONGC) 9:22.36;
High Jump: 1. Jithin C. Thomas (Services) 2.11m, 2. A. Shaiju (Services) 2.08m, 3. Chethan (Karnataka) 2.05m, 4. Supreeth Raj (LIC) 2.05m, 5. Silvarstar (Tamil Nadu), Deependra Singh (Rajasthan) and Harisankar Roy (Jharkhan) 2.00m;
Discus Throw: 1. Arjun (Haryana) 54.10m, 2. Dharam Raj (Services) 50.99m, 3. Karan Singh (Railways) 50.19m, 4. Baljinder Singh (Police) 50.05m, 5. Krishan Kumar (Maharashtra) 50.04m, 6. Uday Singh Chaudhary (Chattisgarh) 49.22m;
20,000m Race Walk: 1. K. Ganapathi (Services) 1:27:18.15, 2. Gurmeet Singh (Railways) 1:28:19.30, 3. Baljinder Singh (Punjab) 1:29:09.08, 4. Chandan Singh (Services) 1:29:19.07, 5. Babubhai Panucha (Services) 1:31:30.40, 6. Maniram Patel (Railways) 1:31:59.99;
400m: 1. M.R. Poovamma (ONGC) 53.96 secs, 2. Tintu Luka (Railways) 53.98, 3. Chavi Sharawat (Railways) 54.44, 4. Anu Mariam Jose (LIC) 54.59, 5. Ashwini Akkunji (Karnataka) 55.22, 6. Anju Thomas (Police) 56.04;
100m Hurdles (w: -0.7m/s): 1. G. Gayathry (Tamil Nadu) 13.70 secs, 2. J. Hemasree (LIC) 14.19, 3. M.M. Anchu (Railways) 14.31, 4. Meghna Shetty (ONGC) 14.58, 5. Akicha Gazi (Madhya Pradesh) 15.06, 6. Jojimol Joseph (Police) 15.09;
3,000m Steeplechase: 1. Sudha Singh (Railways) 10:09.04 (NMR)(old rec – her own 10:09.56 set in 2010), 2. Lalita Babar (Railways) 10:33.40, 3. Kiran Tiwari (Haryana) 10:52.75, 4. Chinta Yadav (Uttar Pradesh) 11:09.93, 5. Jayshri Borge (Police) 11:47.84, 6. Meenu Nirwal (Uttar Pradesh) 12:25.41;
Pole Vault: 1. Khyati Vakharia (ONGC) 3.70m, 2. V.S. Sureka (Railways) 3.60m, 3. Kiranbir Kaur (Police) 3.50m, 4. K.P. Anusha (Railways) 3.40m;
Triple Jump: 1. M.A. Prajusha (Railways) 12.91m, 2. V. Neena (Railways) 12.76m, 3. Mareena Joseph (Police) 12.50m, 4. Bhumika Thakur (Punjab) 12.31m, 5. Joyline Mural Lobo (LIC) 12.29m, 6. V.M. Jolly (Universities) 11.92m;
Javelin Throw: 1. Annu Rani (ONGC) 54.35m (NMR)(old rec – 53.77m Gurmeet Kaur 2005), 2. Rupinder Kaur (Police) 48.16m, 3. S. Saraswathy (Railways) 48.07m.
/ Ram. Murali Krishnan /
Merlin posts national mark while Sajeesh accomplished hat-trick 
Ranchi, Jharkhand – 8 September 2013
The second day’s proceedings were marred by a spell of rain.  However athletes’ spirit lived-up at the end as Aniruddh Kalidas Gujar (LIC) and Dutee Chand (ONGC) toppled the top guns to win the fastest man and woman titles in the ongoing 53rd National Open Athletics Championships here.
Aniruddh takes this opportunity to prove that his victory in the national inter-state championships earlier this year at Chennai was no fluke as he rocketed out of the blocks in the evening’s final to finish well ahead of Tamil Nadu sprinter Suresh Sathya 10.46 to 10.66 secs.  The margin of victory (0.20 secs) was a big one at the nationals in recent times.  Abdul Najeeb Qureshi, the joint national record-holder in 100m, finished third just one hundredth of a second behind.
In the women’s race ONGC sprinter Dutee Chand ascertained her supremacy over experienced senior H.M. Jyothi by taking the gold 11.73 to 11.87 secs.  Railway’s Merlin K. Joseph, who surprised everyone with her 11.35 secs national record shattering show in the semis, could finish only third in 11.95 secs in the final for the bronze.
In a biggest upset of the day long jumper Kumaravel Prem Kumar had a hamstring injury during the finals and finished his first round leap of 7.62m.  Fancied Ankit Sharma, who led the qualifiers with 7.77m, pockets the gold with 7.73m—the same distance which he achieved for the honour in the Open Nationals three years ago at Kochi.
Half-milers Tintu Luka and Sajeesh Joseph lived up to their billing as Tintu retained her gold while Sajeesh made a ‘hat-trick’ of wins in 800m.  It was indeed the fifth title at the National Open for Sajeesh and fourth for Tintu.  Unlike Tintu, who got the gold in her own style, Sajeesh had to fight it out with ONGC runner Manjeet Singh right up to the wire as just one-hundredth of a second decided the victor.
The day also saw a surprise gold for Chandigarh state from javelin thrower Ravinder Singh.  Trained in Melbourne, where used to register 80+ marks regularly, Ravinder brought the first ever gold medal for his state in the Open Nationals.
Daya Ram (Services) retained the decathlon title after locked in to a see-saw battle with V.V. Raneesh (Railways).
100m (w: -0.2 m/s): 1. Aniruddh Gujar (LIC) 10.46 secs, 2. S. Sathya (Tamil Nadu) 10.66, 3. Abdul Najeeb Qureshi (ONGC) 10.67, 4. Amiya Kumar Mallick (Orissa) 10.69, 5. Manikanda Arumugam (Railways) 10.69, 6. Ganesh Satpute (Railways) 10.84;
800m: 1. Sajeesh Joseph (Railways) 1:49.50, 2. Manjeet Singh (ONGC) 1:49.51, 3. Jinson Johnson (Services) 1:50.26, 4. Ghamanda Ram (ONGC) 1:50.54, 5. Ravi Kumar (Assam) 1:53.15, 6. Mandeep Goyat (Maharashtra) 1:53.59;
Long Jump: 1. Ankit Sharma (LIC) 7.73m, 2. K. Prem Kumar (Railways) 7.62m, 3. Raja Oomman (Kerala) 7.37m, 4. Tanmoy Adhikari (Services) 7.37m, 5. R.S. Bijil (Railways) 7.28m, 6. Manjeet (Delhi) 7.26m;
Shot Put: 1. Om Prakash Singh (ONGC) 18.67m, 2. Inderjeet Singh (Haryana) 18.58m, 3. Jasdeep Singh (ONGC) 17.97m, 4. Gurpreet Singh (Punjab) 17.66m, 5. Satyendra Kumar Singh (Railways) 17.56m, 6. Sunil Kumar (Railways) 16.26m;
Javelin Throw: 1. Ravinder Singh (Chandigarh) 75.47m, 2. Dinesh Kumar Rao (Rajasthan) 74.62m, 3. Rajendra Singh (Railways) 72.88m, 4. K.N. Tripathi (Railways) 70.95m, 5. Dharmendra Kumar (Rajasthan) 69.69m, 6. Davinder Singh (Services) 68.13m;
Decathlon: 1. Daya Ram (Services) 6812 pts, 2. V.V. Raneesh (Railways) 6742, 3. Ajay Yadav (Services) 6576, 4. Ajit Singh (Haryana) 6415, 5. Abhishek Roy (Madhya Pradesh) 6129, 6. Binoy John Mathew (Services) 6117;
100m (w: 0.0m/s): 1. Dutee Chand (ONGC) 11.73 secs, 2. H.M. Jyothi (Karnataka) 11.87, 3. Merlin K. Joseph (Railways) 11.95, 4. Srabani Nanda (Orissa) 12.06, 5. Neethu Mathew (LIC) 12.12, 6. Bhagyashree Shirke (Maharashtra) 12.21;
(Merlin clocked a new National Record 11.35 secs in semi-finals);
800m: 1. Tintu Luka (Railways) 2:01.87, 2. Sushma Devi (Railways) 2:03.11, 3. Sini A. Markose (ONGC) 2:03.51, 4. Jessy Joseph (Kerala) 2:06.82, 5. A. Gomathi (Tamil Nadu) 2:11.48, 6. Pratima Tudu (West Bengal) 2:15.89;
High Jump: 1. Reena (Police) 1.70m, 2. N.K. Siji (Railways) and Mallika Mandal (Railways) 1.65m, 4. Sonu (Haryana) 1.65m, 5. N.D. Tintu (Police) and Anitha Mathew (Kerala) 1.60m;
20,000m Race Walk: 1. Khushbir Kaur (ONGC) 1:45:21.47, 2. Ranjana Gupta (Police) 1:48:00.10, 3. Rani Yadav (Railways) 1:52:36.37, 4. K.J. Sandhya (Punjab) 1:53:17.31, 5. Sapna (Rajasthan) 1:54:01.18, 6. Karamjit Kaur (Punjab) 1:56:26.59;
/ Ram. Murali Krishnan /

Suriya defends title in style

Ranchi, Jharkhand – 7 September 2013

Distance runner Suriya Loganathan opened up her campaign here on a winning note as she successfully      defends her title in women’s 5000m race with a personal best and Indian season leading mark of 16:24.58 on    the opening day of 53rd National Open Athletics Championships in Birsa Munda Athletics Stadium this  morning. In that process she pushed her training partner and railway teammate Preeja Sreedharan to second  place (16:27.70) while ONGC runner Kavita Raut finished third in 16:33.50.


The men’s race witnessed G. Lakshmanan extends his winning streak at the national scene as he pulled yet another surprise win over some of the top names on the business as the services athlete breached past the finish-line in a noteworthy 13:58.53 well ahead of ONGC duo Suresh Kumar (14:01.60) and Inderjit Patel (14:19.70). Pre-race favourite Nitender Singh Rawat, who had a clean sweep of distance running titles in the Asian Grand Prix series earlier this year, finished a distant fourth in 14:31.33.

Both Suriya and Lakshmanan are hails from Pudukottai in Tamil Nadu and received their basic training from the former’s father Loganathan before enrolled to national camps. The evening’s proceedings witnessed yet another athlete from Tamil Nadu making the waves as R. Elavarasi clinched the gold in women’s 400m hurdles. Elavarasi, who had a perfect season this year with emphatic wins in Federation Cup (Patiala) and Inter-State (Chennai), signed off in style clocking 60.80 secs. Anju Rani (ONGC, 61.55 secs) finished second ahead of last year’s winner A. Papathi (Police, 61.88s), who went home with a bronze.

Durgesh Kumar Pal of Services, the silver medallist in Youth Olympic Games who missed the entire season following an injury sustained during the Inter-State championships at Chennai this June, went on to win the men’s 400m hurdles with a season’s best 50.89 secs. In a similar passion Jithin Paul (51.14s) and Joseph G. Abraham (51.31s) of Railways returned personal best timings to occupy the next two spots on the podium.

The Ranchi meet also witnessed a historical come-back by “Combined Universities” team fielded by Association of Indian Universities after a hiatus of nearly one and half decades. Shot putter Inderjeet Singh won a silver medal in this year’s World University Games at Kazan (Russia), a first of its kind for India. Perhaps that prompted AIU to join the mainstream athletics once again.

In women’s long jump Commonwealth Games silver medallist M.A. Prajusha delivered a season’s best 6.25m for the gold while her railway teammate V. Neena (6.20m) did the same for the silver. Teenage sensation Bhumika Thakur (Punjab) leapt 5.95m—just 1 cm short of her 2013 best and National School Games winning mark—for the bronze in Ranchi. Defending champion Shraddha Ghule finished tenth with a paltry 5.54m. In the last edition at Chennai she leaped 6.36m for the title. Prajusha’s husband and national record-holder K.P. Bimin completes a ‘hat-trick’ of wins in pole vault by scaling 5 metres.

Railway women continue to lead with yet another gold won by shot putter Manpreet Kaur who tossed the iron ball to 15.03m—a season leading mark for this event and the second best performance in her career! Neha Singh (Police, 13.62m) and U. Vasumathi (LIC, 13.12m) filled the other two places while defending champion Pinki Dey finished sixth (12.73m).

In the preliminary rounds of men’s long jump LIC athlete Ankit Sharma leading the list with a leap of 7.77m well ahead of latest sensation Kumaravel Prem Kumar (Railways). The finals for this event is scheduled for tomorrow evening.

Railway’s V.V. Raneesh leading the decathlon with 3519 points after the first day’s proceedings while his team is leading the championships with 64 points ahead of Services (22) and ONGC (18).

/ Ram. Murali Krishnan /



5000m: 1. G. Lakshmanan (Services) 13:58.53, 2. Suresh Kumar (ONGC) 14:01.60, 3. Inderjit Patel (ONGC) 14:19.70, 4. Nitender Singh Rawat (Services) 14:31.33, 5. Man Singh (Services) 14:31.35, 6. Santosh Kumar (Madhya Pradesh) 14:42.83;

400m Hurdles: 1. Durgesh Kumar Pal (Services) 50.89 secs, 2. Jithin Paul (Railways) 51.14, 3. Joseph G. Abraham (Railways) 51.31, 4. Arun Krishnan (Tamil Nadu) 52.00, 5. Shejil Varghese (Services) 52.23, 6. M. Ramachandran (Services) 52.32;

Pole Vault: 1. K.P. Bimin (Railways) 5.00m, 2. Balakrishna (Railways) 4.80m, 3. Kundan (Haryana) 4.70m, 4. Parveen Kumar (Punjab) 4.70m, 5. Devender (Haryana) 4.70m, 6. V. Vignesh (Tamil Nadu) 4.60m;


5000m: 1. L. Suriya (Railways) 16:24.58 (Personal Best and Indian Season Leader), 2. Preeja Sreedharan (Railways) 16:27.70, 3. Kavita Raut (ONGC) 16:33.50, 4. O.P. Jaisha (Railways) 16:57.91, 5. Swati Gadhave (Maharashtra) 17:46.71, 6. Kiran (Uttar Pradesh) 18:00.43;

400m Hurdles: 1. R. Elavarasi (Tamil Nadu) 1:00.80, 2. Anju Rani (ONGC) 1:01.55, 3. A. Papathi (Police) 1:01.88, 4. M.S. Darsana (LIC) 1:03.03, 5. M. Arpitha (Karnataka) 1:03.84, 6. Tintu Jacob (Universities) 1:04.69;

Long Jump: 1. M.A. Prajusha (Railways) 6.25m, 2. V. Neena (Railways) 6.20m, 3. Bhumika Thakur (Punjab) 5.95m, 4. Shipu Mondal (West Bengal) 5.90m, 5. M. Priya Devi (Police) 5.74m, 6. G. Karthika (Universities) 5.72m;

Shot Put: 1. Manpreet Kaur (Railways) 15.03m, 2. Neha Singh (Police) 13.62m, 3. U. Vasumathi (LIC) 13.12m, 4. Smritikana Manna (Police) 12.99m, 5. Harkirat Kaur (Punjab) 12.89m, 6. Pinki Dey (Railways) 12.73m;

Hammer Throw: 1. Poonam Devi (Haryana) 54.14m, 2. Sonam (LIC) 53.47m, 3. Manju Bala (Railways) 53.40m, 4. Sarita P. Singh (Railways) 52.68m, 5. Meenakshi (Police) 51.07m, 6. Gunjan Singh (Railways) 49.98m.

Click here to view Results Day 1
Delhi – 4 September 2013
Ranchi, a fast improving sports centre in the eastern part of the country and capital of Jharkhand state, is hosting the 53rd edition of the National Open athletics championships in the beautiful state-of-the-art Birsa Munda Athletics Stadium from 7 to 10 September 2013.

First held at Delhi in 1963, the Open Nationals took place at Jamshedpur in Jharkhand state (or when it was part of the undivided Bihar state) at least four times in its fifty-year-old history! Jamshedpur hosted the above championship first in 1979, thereafter in 1983, 1995 and 2007. So it will be the fifth time the state received the honour of organising the mega athletics competition this year at Ranchi where around 900 athletes from 25 teams are expecting to take part.

With major global competitions like Asian and World championships were already over, the national open athletics will once again witness fierce battle for the top honours between ONGC, Railways and Services teams. Indian Railways team won the women’s and overall championships during last year in Chennai while Services team were defending champions in the men’s division.

Both Railways and ONGC are trying to raise their stakes this year by recruiting some top class athletes like long jumper Kumaravel Prem Kumar high hurdler Arumugam Suresh among others.

Here is the tentative schedule for the four-day meet—

/ AFI /

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