Long & triple jumper aim to strike rhythm for Rio!

It’s coming live from the National coaching camp for long and triple jump at Trivandrum!

The National coaching camp for athletics is underway at SAI Lakshmibai National College for Physical Education in the capital city of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, for the preparation for 2016 Rio Olympics. A group of 14 long and triple jumper, comprising of India’s finest men and women in this specialised event are being trained under the watchful eyes of the new coach from Romania, Bedros Bedrosian. The former Olympian, who was also their National coach, has more than 30 year of experience of coaching in North America, Eastern Europe and Middle East countries including the National Team for Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Oman before India beckoned to him in September 2015.

www.indianathletics.in reached out to the National camp in Thiruvananthapuram and spoke to coach Bedros and his athletes to bring to our fans their favourite team’s preparation and plans for 2016 Olympics. We bring you some interesting and fascinating facts from the camp which our fans would be curious to know.

5am Bingo!

A typical day for these elite athletes starts a bit earlier than 5:00am. Put on your tracks! Lace your sneakers and grab your water bottles!

The coach along with the team meet every day at 5:30 am over a cup of tea or coffee to discuss the day’s training program, schedule, roles and responsibilities for the entire day. After a short 20 minutes drive from the camp they reach a nice and clean beach for the first part of their training.

Its 6:00am in the morning and training on the beach starts with a warm up session which is then followed by special exercises and strength-enhancing workout and running on sand. After a short break the main part of their training starts with speed training. Six laps of 40m high intensity jump running with 3 minutes rest in between and with different combinations depending on the day’s schedule. Each session includes seven to eight minutes rest before moving on to the next session. The training finishes at 9:00am with cool down easy running and stretching.

Coach Bedrosia lays down special emphasis on speed development for jumpers. “It’s really important to be more focused on speed development for a jumper, since speed at take-off is the most important determining factor of distance,” he says.

The evening training session resumes post-lunch at 3:00pm. Unlike the morning session, the final session is scheduled and customised for different groups of men and women in long jump and triple jump. It all begins with warm-up for all the groups and followed by their specific training regime, which also includes the structured gym training program. Before practicing the actual jumps, the athletes also do the drills for running, exercise and stretching. For example, they sprint 100m six times, followed with the plyometric drills and abdominal exercises. Their training wraps up finally at 7:00pm after a cool-down session.

Rio grades!

It’s quite obvious that Bedros is aiming for as many Indian jumpers to make the grades for Rio. “The athletes are working consistently on speed, strength and agility to be much faster on runway, mastering the rhythm and perfecting the take-off to ultimately improving on the distance and hence overall performance,” he says on being asked about the change in approach since he took over.

Bedros adds that the jumpers are also bonding well and supporting each other. “I have witnessed a lot of coordination and understanding between athletes. For example, stars Mayookha Johny and M.A. Prajusha share a good rapport which is evident as they enjoy a health rivalry on the field but are close buddies off the field.”

While sharing their plans for Rio Olympics, the first milestone for the jumpers is clearly to meet the qualification mark. The first test for the jumpers is likely to be the Asian Indoor Athletics Championship to be held in Doha, Qatar, in February. Bedros says, “We are also looking forward to gain international training and competition exposure from July till Olympics in different Latin American countries like Colombia, Puerto Rico and Brazil.”

The Romanian signs off by saying, “We hope to go to Rio as a much stronger team (for jump events) and to achieve something. I am hoping for good results to make India proud.”

 Entry Standards – 2016 Olympics

Women                              Event                                     Men

6.70m                               Long Jump                                8.15m

14.20m                             Triple Jump                             16.90m

 Medalists at 2012 Olympics

Long jump – Men

Rank                                           Athlete                              Country                         Result

 Gold                                    Greg Rutherford                    Great Britain                     8.31m

Silver                                     Mitchell Watt                           Australia                        8.16m

Bronze                                      Will Claye                                  USA                           8.12m

Triple jump – Men

Rank                                       Athlete                                 Country                        Result

Gold                                 Christian Taylor                              USA                             17.81m

Silver                                   Will Claye                                     USA                            17.62m

Bronze                           Fabrizio Donato                               Italy                             17.48m

Long jump – Women

Rank                                    Athlete                                  Country                          Result

Gold                               Brittney Reese                               USA                                7.12m

Silver                            Elena Sokolova                              Russia                              7.07m

Bronze                         Janay Deloach                                USA                                 6.89m

Triple jump – Women

Rank                                Athlete                                   Country                             Result

Gold                          Olga Rypakova                           Kazakhstan                           14.98m

Silver                     Caterine Ibarguen                         Colombia                             14.80m

Bronze                    Olga Saladukha                             Ukraine                               14.79m

Watch the athlete training video, click here. 

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