Quater-milers, 400m hurdles & 4x400m relay athletes honing up for Rio at training camp in Antalya.


# Rio Calling!!

Antalya, Turkey – The unique climate, mercury swinging between 9-20 degree Celsius, close to sea water, air full of sea air-ion, long sea sand beaches, swimming pool at accommodation, wet Turkish sauna and traditional normal sauna, well equipped sports stadium, gymnasium, 400m synthetic hill, wonderful forest nearby for running program, these facilities together providing world-class training conditions to Indian Athletes. Nothing could be better than this place for the Indian squad to prepare for their coming biggest challenge, Rio Olympic Games 2016. 

The training abroad coaching camp, as a part of overall strategy for Rio Olympics 2016 preparations, is undergoing at the salubrious state-of-the-art training centre at Antalya, Turkey. The Indian squad of 22 members comprises of the National campers for quarter-mile event, 400m hurdles, and the 4x400m relay events for both men and women are under rigorous training. A total of eight women, nine men and five coaches and support staff are part of the squad.

Indianathletics brings to our fans the training secrets of these elite athletes of highest level. Here we are giving you a sneak-peek into the typical day of Indian athletes at the Antalya camp. Their day is scheduled into three training sessions in a day, morning, afternoon and evening. Athletes leave their beds about an hour before the sunrise, which is happening at around 6:30am here in Antalya. From 5:30am in the morning athletes start getting ready to leave for training at 6:30am to Akdeniz University Stadium or hills by bus. The training starts with Isometric exercises followed by the 2km warm up in every session with stipulated time i.e., 9 minutes or less for basic endurance, special sprinter exercises like weight training, hill running, sand running/beach running for strength and 60m, 80m & 100m for speed.

Only after that athletes start their specific training for the improvement including different distance combinations of up-hill running. Athletes have specific training program for each day which includes circuit training, sand running, medicine ball throw, standing jump, double jump and triple jump etc. followed by a cool down 10 min slow run & 10 min stretching exercise and concluding the morning session at around 9:00am.

The afternoon training session for one hour is scheduled for two days in a week from 11:00am to 12:00pm. And one whole day is dedicated to complete rest for the recovery and also another half day relaxation is given where athlete gets sauna bath and massage for the rehabilitation of their muscles.

Whereas evening session starts at 3:30pm with general and specific warm-up sessions with weight training and gymnasium work outs. The general strength session includes plate & bar combination, toning bar and sprinter exercises followed with the cool down 6 min slow run and 10 min stretching exercise. For speed, agility and mobility repeated sets of different combination of sprint is being practiced for ex., 3x60m, 3x70m, 80m & 100m in repetition with a gap of 2 min, 3min & 5 min. The evening session concludes at around 5:30pm and athletes may go for sauna, swimming or massage before they again meet-up for dinner where they discuss more about their training progress, plans and general discussions & queries with coaches and supporting staff.

Coach’s emphasis is on increasing endurance, strength, speed, agility and performance improvement while preventing injuries. The coach Ogorodnik said “Everybody is doing quite well in their training and has shown adequate expected improvements in their specific training so far. This camp has been very useful as athletes are continuously improving; fitness level and subsequently confidence of athlete has increased tremendously.”

Athletes are in really good shape and improving with a steady pace. The team has got an experienced recovery expert along with a masseur to help athletes getting recovered from any injury or fatigue.

“Antalya camp will be more helpful for us to qualify for the Rio Olympics and ultimately winning a medal. Our main target for 4x400m men relay is to run below 3:02.00 and for women to clock under 3:26.00. We are getting prepared and looking forward to compete in upcoming national and international championships to qualify for Rio Olympics.” said coach Ogorodnik.

Entry Standards – 2016 Olympics

Women                              Event                              Men

52.00                                400m                              45.50

56.20                                 400m H                         49.50

Top 8 at IWR                 4x400m                         Top 8 at IWR & 8 from top list

 & 8 from top list              

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