Our Office Bearers

The AFI is governed by a Board of elected Office-Bearers and ably supported by a team of professionals. The Federation is currently headed by Mr Adille J Sumariwalla, who is a former elite athlete with an enviable track record to boot as a sports administrator. Mr CK Valson is the current AFI Secretary.

AFI – Elected Office Bearers

prMr Adille J Sumariwalla, AFI President 

Usually, Mumbaikars prefer academia over sports as a career for their children and the current AFI President faced a similar predicament in his growing years. The story goes that the young Sumariwalla who adored sports and particularly athletics from his childhood days, used to ‘air-drop’ his running shoes and kit from the 11th floor of his apartment where he lived in Mumbai, and then exited out of the building after informing his parents that he was going to the library to study. It’s an uncanny coincidence that Sumariwalla went on to win the National title in the 100m sprint as many as 11 times in his athletics career. The present AFI President who took over in 2012, is also a former Olympian, and Asian Medalist, and brings along with him a rich and diverse experience as a sports administrator, and a brilliant track record in advertising, marketing and media. The jovial and passionate sports administrator hopes to create a world-class training environment for Indian athletics so that they can excel and achieve at the highest level. Mr Sumariwalla can be contacted at president@indianathletics.in

2006082221260201Mr CK Valson, AFI Secretary

An international technical official and technical delegate, Mr Valson brings rich experience to Indian athletics as an able administrator and technical specialist. The AFI Secretary can be contacted at secretary@indianathletics.in

President Mr. Adille J. Sumariwalla
Senior Vice President Mr. Kunwar Fateh Bahadur
Vice President Prof. K. Ranga Rao
Vice President Mr. H.S.Bhadu
Vice President Mr. Ravinder Chaudhry
Vice President Mr. Sunny Joshua
Vice President Mr. Prasun Mukherjee
Hony. Secretary Mr. Cuddi Kotta Valson
 Hony. Treasurer Mr. P.K. Srivastava
Sr. Jt. Secretary Mr. Mumtaz Khan
Jt. Secretary Mr. Tony Daniel
Jt. Secretary Mr. Madhu Kant Pathak
Jt. Secretary Mr. Adhip Das
Jt. Secretary Mr. Pramod Kr. Jadam
Jt. Secretary Mr. Sandeep Sharma
Jt. Secretary Ms. Suman Rawat
Member Mr. N. Chandra Shekhar Rai
Member Mr. Raj Kumar Mittan
Member Mr. M.Velayudham Kutty
Member Mr. Radhakrishna Pillai
Member Mr. Pradeep Nunisa
Member Mr. V.A.Shiyad
Member Mr. L.V. Karanjgaokar
Member Mr. Paresh U. Kamat
Member Ms. C. Latha
Member Mr. A.V. Raghavendra
Member Mr. Kamal Kumar Maitra