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Amoj Jacob shatters decade old record at National Juniors

18-Nov-2017 20:30

Amoj Jacob shatters decade old record at National Juniors

18 November 2017, Vijaywada (AP). Three more national records fell on Day-3 of the Coromandel- 33rd National Junior Athletics Championships 2017 here at the Acharya Nagarjuna University athletics ground in Vijayawada (AP) on Saturday, 18 November 2017. 

Delhi’s Amoj Jacob created history today when he broke 11-year old National record in junior boys’ U20 400m event. With his timing of 46.59s, Amoj perfected a decade old record of 46.99s of Virender Pank that was created in 2006. Haryana’s Harsh Kumar (46.99s) also bettered the meet record while Gaurav (47.62s), also from Haryana, bagged the bronze.

Amoj, who started his career as a junior champion, had competed with the seniors at the IAAF Worlds Championships in August this year and was part of 4X400m Indian relay team. 

After the race he shared, “I wanted to check my timings, so this was an important championship for me. I want to run under 45 seconds next year. The experience from the World Championships has helped a lot. 

This has been a good year; I am satisfied with my progress and looking forward to the Commonwealth and Asian Games next year,” said Amoj.

Meanwhile, Poonam Jakhar from Haryana broke her own national record in the girls’ U18 hammer throw. She bettered her previous national record of 54.66m to 58.23m. Maharashtra’s Sneha Jadhav (51.69m) won the silver while Medha M (51.08m) of Tamil Nadu bagged the bronze medal.

In girls’ U18 pole vault, Kerala’s Nivya Antony also broke her own national record clearing a height of 3.55m. Her previous record was 3.40m which she registered in Bangkok earlier this year. Silver medallist Sathaya (Tamil Nadu) also equalled the 3.40m record. V Kavya (3.05m) of Tamil Nadu settled for the bronze medal.

In boys’ U16 100m sprint, Delhi’s Nisar Ahemad set a new national record of 10.85s. He broke the previous record of 11.01s registered in the name AS Arun of Tamil Nadu since 2013. Rahul Sharma (11.05s) of UP won the silver while Maharashtra’s Karan Hegiste (11.11s) settled for the bronze medal.

In junior girls’ U20 triple jump, Renu (Haryana) created a new meet record with a jump of 13.45m. She bettered the previous record of 13.36m of G Gayathri. Alphy Luckose (12.72m) of Kerala won the silver while UP’s Priyanka Kerkata (12.56m) bagged the bronze.

In girls’ U20 400 metres run, Jisna Mathew of AFI created a new meet record by clocking 53.52 seconds. She broke Tinku Luka’s 2008 record of 54.53 seconds. R Vithya of Tamil Nadu finished distant second with the timing of 55.71s while Delhi’s Pooja finished third clocking 55.73s.

Results of all the other finals held today:

Youth girls’ U18 100m: 1. Daneshwari (Karnataka) 12.23s, 2. Rajashree Prasad (WB) 12.28s, 3. M. Santra Terasa Martin (TN) 12.34s; 

youth boys’ U18 100m: 1. Gurinderveer Singh (AFI-Punjab) 10.83s, 2 Anmol (Delhi) 10.97s, 3. Swasthik (Karnataka) 11.09s; 

girls’ U16 100m: 1. J Deepthi (Telangana) 12.63s, Sowmiya (TN) 12.71s, 3. Anu Joseph (Kerala) 12.75s; 

girls’ U14 100m: 1. Srushthi Shetty (Maharashtra) 12.74s, 2. Neole Anna Cornelo (Karnataka) 12.76s, 3. Simran Kaur (Chandigarh) 13.17s; 

boys’ U14 100m: 1. Roshan Kumar (Bihar) 11.48s, 2. Aman Khokhar (UP) 11.49s, 3. N Akelaan (TN) 11.81s;

youth girls’ U18 400m: 1. D Jyothikasri (AP) 56.52s, 2. Rachna (Haryana) 57.03s, 3. Roshini (TN) 57.32s;

youth boys’ U18 400m: 1. Nihal Joel W (Karnataka) 48.16s, 2. D Srikanth (Telangana) 48.64s, 3. Jashanpreet Singh (AFI-Punjab) 49.12s;

youth girls’ U18 shot put: 1. Paramjot Kaur (AFI-Punjab) 14.84m, 2. Poorna Raorane (Maharashtra) 14.39m, 3. Yogita (Haryana) 14.39m;

girls’ U16 400m: 1. Priscilla Daniel (Kerala) 57.04s, 2. Payal Vohra (Delhi) 57.72s, 3. V Lekha (TN) 58.44s;

junior boys’ U20 discus throw: 1. Sahil Chaudhary (UP) 54.70m, 2. Praveen Kumar Nehra (Rajasthan) 53.68m, 3. Sumit (Haryana) 50.58m;

boys’ U16 400m: 1. Anu Kumar (Uttarakhand) 48.39s, 2. Sayooj TK (Kerala) 49.39s, 3. G Dhunush Kumar (AP) 49.44s;

boys’ U20 10000m walk: 1. Juned (Haryana) 42:59.65, 2. Amanjot Singh (AFI-Punjab) 43:26.73, 3. Naveen (Manipur) 44:36.66;

youth girls’ U18 5000m walk: 1 Aakirti (AFI- Punjab) 25:38.62, 2. Sneha (Haryana) 26:08.08, 3. Asha Soman (Kerala) 27:47.94;

boys’ U16 5000m walk: 1. Sarvjeet Patel (AFI) 22:23.16, 2. N William (Manipur) 22:34.69, 3. Vishwavendra Singh (UP) 22:40.83;

girls’ U16 3000m walk: 1. Baljeet Kaur (AFI- Punjab) 14:45.27, 2.  Munita Prajapati (UP) 15:01.11, 3. Sandra Surendran (Kerala) 16:07.26;

girls’ U16 shot put: 1. Pooja (Haryana) 13.63m, 2. Sharmila (TN) 12.92m, 3. Kessia Mariam Benny (Kerala) 12.70m;

boys’ U14 shot put: 1. Kunal (Haryana) 15.43m, 2. Lucky Negi (Delhi) 14.66m, 3. Rupak Bodak (WB) 14.27m; 

girls’ U14 long jump: 1. Daliya P Lal (Kerala) 5.03m, 2. Kajal Majji (Maharashtra) 4.83m, 3. Shilpi Rana (Delhi) 4.82m;

boys’ U16 long jump: 1. Devesh (UP) 7.04m, 2. Pankaj Verma (Haryana) 6.94m, 3. Mohammed Shahrookh (UP) 6.94m;

junior boys’ U20 high jump: 1. Geo Jos (Kerala) 2.12m, 2. Aromal T (Kerala) 2.10m, 3. Mohammed Akkiel (TN) 2.02m;

girls’ U14 high jump: 1. Shravani Desavle (Maharashtra) 1.54m, 2. V. Sandhiya (TN) 1.45m, 3. Keerthi HT (Karnataka) 1.45m;

youth girls’ U18 long jump: 1 Ancy Sojan (Kerala) 5.97m, 2. Deepanshi Singh (UP) 5.86m, Manisha Merel (Odisha) 5.85m;

junior boys’ U20 100m: 1. Akash Kumar (UP) 10.67s, 2. Athul Senan (Kerala) 10.85s, Rohit (Haryana) 10.85s;

junior girls’ U20 100m: 1. Chaitrali Gujar (Maharashtra) 12.13s, 2. G Nithya (Telangana)  12.15s, 3. Vijaya Kumari (UP) 12.21s.

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