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National Youth Athletics: Four meet marks fell on second day

22-Apr-2017 22:25

National Youth Athletics: Four meet marks fell on second day

File Photo : Day 2 Result

National Youth Athletics: Four meet marks fell on second day

Hyderabad – 22 April 2017:

Hammer throwers Damneet Singh and Medha grabbed all the attention as they eclipsed the meet records in their respective section on second day of 14th National Youth athletics championships here on Saturday evening. 

As much as ten athletes attained qualifications for the world youth athletics championships scheduled at Nairobi, Kenya, coming July.

Punjab’s Damneet Singh sent the ball and chain to a new distance of 72.75 metres today is currently ranking second in the Asian youth lists behind China’s youth national victor Wang Qi (75.31m).  Second placed Nitesh Poonia from Rajasthan registered 69.47m, that was also well above the IAAF fixed qualifying norm of 67.00m for the Nairobi meet.

However in the girls’ section Medha of Tamil Nadu, in spite of recording a new mark (52.88m) could manage only the Asian youth qualification as the world standard standing at a big 60 metres.

On the track, Delhi boy Avdesh Nagar bettered the meet mark as he clocked 3:57.26 to win the metric mile from teammate Mohd Miraj (4:00.20) and Haryana’s Abhay (4:01.25) in a highly charged race.  Avdesh, received training under British distance running expert Ian Ladbrooke, had prior experience with the Kenyan weather as he completes a training stint in the African nation last season. 

Earlier in the morning Sanjay Kumar (Haryana) timed 44:41.31 in 10,000m walk that shattered the six year old meet mark of his state-mate Kuldeep (45:45.60).  Athletes in the next three places also bettered the previous record.

Team Haryana led the table with 130 points ahead of reigning champion Kerala, who is lagging behind with 62 points.



400m: 1. Akshay Nain (Delhi) 48.56 secs, 2. Manish (Haryana) 48.95s, 3. Vikrant Panchal (Haryana) 49.25s;

1500m: 1. Avdesh Nagar (Delhi) 3:57.26 NMR, 2. Mohd Miraj (Delhi) 4:00.20, 3. Abhay (Haryana) 4:01.25;

110m Hurdles: 1. Abhishek Ubhe (Maharashtra) 14.14 secs, 2. Punga Soren (Odisha) 14.15s, 3. G. Nishanthraja (Tamil Nadu) 14.61s;


Pole Vault: 1. Rakesh Gond (Maharashtra) 4.50m, 2. Sunny (Punjab) 3.70m (other athletes finished with “No Mark”);

Long Jump: 1. Rishabh Kumar (Uttar Pradesh) 7.28m, 2. Anil Kumar (Haryana) 6.99m, 3. C. Praveen (Tamil Nadu) 6.97m;

Hammer Throw: 1. Damneet Singh (Punjab) 72.75m NMR, 2. Nitesh Poonia (Rajasthan) 69.47m, 3. Alimuddin (Uttar Pradesh) 66.59m;

10,000m Walk: 1. Sanjay Kumar (Haryana) 44:41.31 NMR, 2. Suraj Panwar (Uttarakhand) 45:35.47, 3. Akashdeep Singh (Punjab) 45:35.68;



400m: 1. D. Jyothika Sri (Andhra Pradesh) 56.76 secs, 2. K.T. Adithya (Kerala) 57.34s, 3. Nancy (Haryana) 58.09s;

1500m: 1. Madhu (Haryana) 4:50.45, 2. Minnu P. Roy (Kerala) 4:50.87, 3. Amit Kaur (Haryana) 4:55.44;

100m Hurdles: 1. Aparna Roy (Kerala) 14.30 secs, 2. Manisha Prvatkar (Maharashtra) 14.34s, 3. Pratibha Kumari (Jharkhand) 15.22s;

High Jump: 1. Gayathry Sivakumar (Kerala) 1.66m, 2. Rubina Yadav (Haryana) 1.66m, 3. Nikita Sambhera (Maharashtra) 1.59m;

Hammer Throw: 1. M. Medha (Tamil Nadu) 52.88m NMR, 2. S. Sneha (Maharashtra) 51.21m, 3. J. Elakeya (Tamil Nadu) 46.15m;

5,000m Walk: 1. Aakriti (Punjab) 25:31.57, 2. Baljeet Kaur (Punjab) 26:08.48, 3. A. Divya (Kerala) 26:37.09

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