2020 IAU 24 Hour Asia & Oceania Championships Bengaluru,
18th – 19th July 2020, in Bengaluru, India

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* Upload the scanned copy in image format
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* Upload the scanned copy in image format
* File must be less than 2mb
* Allowed File Types : jpg,jpeg.

The Race Specific Benchmark is : Men - 205 KM & Women - 165 KM

Qualifying period is from 01 January 2019 to 12 April 2020

100 Km Race : Men12h;Women13h .

24 Hour Race : Men 155 Km ; Women 140 Km .

12 Hour Race : Men 100 Km; Women 92 Km.

Any trail or road race of 50 K+ with minimum 1000 m elevation gain to be finished within race cutoff times.

If selected, I undertake to bear all expenses towards my participation in the event.

If I am unable to bear my expenses, I will not claim as my right nor will I insist that AFI should bear my expenses.

I undertake to pay the required deposits as mentioned at para 6 (e) of Annexure A.

I undertake to make necessary arrangements for my travel to Bengaluru.

In case I am unable to arrange my travel in time, I am aware that I stand to forfeit the advances paid by me and will not claim a refund from the AFI or the Organisers of the event.

If I am injured prior to the event I shall inform the AFI Ultra Running Committee immediately.

Once selected, I undertake not to participate in a race which is longer than 12 hours/ 100 Km less than 02 months from the date of Championships; in races longer than 21 Km less than 01 month from date of Championships; racing / participation in any sporting event less than 15 days from date of Championships without the permission of the Selection Committee, whose decision will be final. I also understand by doing so, I could dropped from the team.

I will abide with the directions of the AFI Ultra Running Committee with regards to all activities involving my participation in the event.

I agree


1. Cut off date and time to receive com-pleted online Application Forms 12 April 2020 - 1700 h
2. Announcement of Selection Results 18 April 2020
3. Payment for Accommodation and miscellaneous expenditure. 18 June 2020
4. Arrival at Bengaluru 16 July 2020
5. IAU 24 Asia & Oceania Champion-ships Bengaluru 2020 18th - 19th July 2020
6. Departure Bengaluru 19/20 th July 2020


For details, please refer to the related document on the AFI website before filling in the online application form.