AFI calls upon Indians to join World Athletics campaign for clean air

AFI Media

New Delhi, June 3: Athletics Federation of India today called upon the nation’s citizens to sign World Athletics’ call tosign a declaration asking local and national Governments and civil society to take action to monitor and reduce air pollution globally while meeting air quality guidelines set by the World Health Organisation.

AFI President Adille J. Sumariwalla said the Every Breath Counts campaign launched by World Athletics is an initiative to bring sharped focus on the importance of clean air. “AFI joins World Athletics and other Member Federations to train the spotlight on air pollution reportedly causing seven million deaths a year,” he said.

“World Athletics conducted a survey of 4000 citizens across the United Kingdom, the United States of America, France and India between May 17 and 25 this year. Some of the findings, while on expected lines, are startling. We must work to ensure that the future generations of citizens breath better air than we are doing at the moment,” Mr. Sumariwalla said.

“The survey has revealed that 69 per cent of Indian respondents have experienced asthmatic symptoms as a result of being exposed to air pollution, 61 per cent of the Indian people would choose to not exercise if the air is unsafe and 80 per cent of Indians are scared about air pollution levels affecting their running or ability to exercise outside,” he said.

“Some of our star athletes will lead the #EveryBreathCounts campaign. I am sure they will influence many of their fans to join the movement. Meanwhile, I exhort the people of India to sign the World Athletics declaration form for clean air which is available online,” Mr. Sumariwalla said.

The World Athletics Survey is available here:

The Declaration form for Clean Air is here: