AFI No Needle Policy

Needles must not be used except by:

(i)    Medically qualified practitioners for the clinically justified treatment of injury, illness or other medical conditions (for which a valid TUE may be required)
(ii)    Those requiring auto injection therapy for an established medical condition with a valid TUE, e.g. for insulin dependent diabetes.

It is the responsibility of each Athlete or Support Staff, in National Coaching Camp or training outside on their own, to ensure compliance with  “AFI No Needle Policy”.

There is no justification for any athlete (except those with an established clinical condition requiring auto-injection and a valid TUE), a coach or any other non-medically qualified person to administer an injection. Injections are only permitted when there is a clinically justified reason for such an intervention as determined by AFI Medical Commission. Any case so identified will justify prompt review of the rationale and justification for the treatment by a panel of physicians convened by the AFI Medical Commission.

Any athlete and or Support Staff who finds any needles or suspect equipment in any  Athlete’s room, is required to report the suspicious material including needles immediately to the AFI Medical Commission, which in turn will initiate a thorough investigation into the discovery of suspicious equipment including needles and further disciplinary action taken as deemed necessary.

AFI Medical Commission has the privilege and right to search any premises/locations including baggage search pertaining to athletes and support staff any time without any prior notice.

Chairman, Medical Commission
Athletics Federation of India