Hemraj Gurjar, Ankita claimed senior cross-country titles in Gaya

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Athletes from Railway Sports Promotion Board (RSPB) walked away with men and women titles, respectively, at the one-day 58th National Cross Country Championships held here on Monday.

Hemraj Gurjar of RSPB surged ahead of his rival in the closing stages of the men’s 10 km event to cross the finish line in 29:30.00. Puneet of SSCB was close second with a time of 29:35.00.

Down the line there was an intense battle for bronze between Sawan Barwal of Himachal Pradesh and Ravi Gulia of Haryana. But it was Barwal who edged past his rival to clinch the bronze medal with a time of 29:38.00. Gulia was declared fourth.

The Services team however, was successful in winning the team title with 20 points. Railways with 28 points finished second, while Haryana with 64 points was third.

The women’s 10 km gold as expected went to Ankita, whose winning time was 34:36.00.

Railways won the team title with 16 points in the women’s section. Uttar Pradesh with 41 points was declared second and Maharashtra with 77 points was third.

Results (All finals):

Men: 10km: Hemraj Gurjar (Railway Sports Promotion Board) 29:30.00, Puneet (SSCB) 29:35.00, Sawan Barwal (Himachal Pradesh) 29:38.00.

Team: Services 20 points, Railways 28 points, Haryana 64 points.

U-20: 8km: Shivaji Parashu (Karnataka) 23:42.00, Naresh Chopra (Rajasthan), 23:46.00, Rohit Choudhary (Rajasthan) 23:54.00. Team: Rajasthan 42 points, Maharashtra 52 points, Haryana 54 points.

U18: 6km: Rohit Binner (Maharashtra) 18:11, Abhishek (Sikkim) 18:13, Mohit Choudhary (Telangana) 18:18.00.

U16: 2km: Sachin Rawat (Delhi) 5:37.00, Anil Kumar (Uttar Pradesh) 5:39.00, Amit Kumar Mahto (Jharkhand) 5:42.00.

Women: 10km: Anita (RSPB) 34:36.00, Anjali Kumari (Bihar) 34:47.00, Poonam Sonune (Maharashtra) 34:47.35.

Team: Railways 16 points, Uttar Pradesh 41 points, Maharashtra 77 points.

U20: 6km: Beby (Uttar Pradesh) 20:50.00, Sonam (Delhi) 21:10.00, Sanghamitra Mahato (Jharkhand) 21:14.00.

U18: 4km: Vaishnavi Naveen S (Karnataka) 14:39.00, Sakshi Bhandari (Maharashtra) 14:47.00, Shilpa Hosamani (Karnataka) 14:57.00.

U16: 2km: Janhavi Hirudkar (Maharashtra) 6:43.00, Khushboo (Rajasthan) 6:49.00, Shivani (Uttar Pradesh) 6:51.00.