Team India Dominates 16th Asian Cross Country Championships with 3 Gold Medals and 1 Bronze Medal

AFI Media

New Delhi, March 7: The Indian contingent emerged victorious at the 16th Asian Cross Country Championships held in Kathmandu, Nepal, winning 3 team gold medals and a bronze medal. The championship witnessed a remarkable performance by the Indian athletes, with the Under 20 Boys 8 Km, Under 18 Girls’ 6 Km, and Women’s 10 Km teams clinching gold medals, while the Men’s 10 Km team won the bronze medal.

Srushti Shridhar Redekar shone brightly in the Under 18 Girls 6 Km, clinching the gold medal with a timing of 24:15. Beby, also displayed a good performance and won the bronze medal with a timing of 24:42. In the Under 20 Boys’ 8 Km, Shivaji Parashuram Madappagoudra clocked 27:39 to secure silver medal. In Women’s 10 Km, Sonika gave a tough fight to silver medalist Rajpura pacha of Nepal to settle for the bronze medal with a timing of 41:32. She lost out on silver by just one second.

The Under 18 Girls 6 Km team comprising of Srushti Shridhar Redekar, Beby, Priyanka C, and Bhumeshwory Devi Huidrom, displayed good performance overall and secured the gold. The Under 20 Boys 8Km team, which consisted of Shivaji Parashuram Madappagoudra, Subhasis Ghosh, Vijay Sanjay Savaratkar, and Divbyanshu Kumar, put up a good show to win the gold medal too. The Women’s 10 KM team comprising Sonika, Chhavi Yadav, Munni Devi, and Sanjivani Baburao Jadhav secured third gold of the championships for India. Bronze medalist Men’s 10 Km team had Hemraj Gurjar, Anand Singh, Nitesh Kumar Rathva, and Balram.

AFI President, Dr. Adille J Sumariwalla met the Indian contingent before the event. He also expressed that the outcomes illustrate the sustained improvement in Indian Athletics. “Indian Athletics is experiencing a strong and steady growth, as demonstrated by the consistent performance of our athletes at the international level. This is evident from the team’s achievement of 8 medals at the Asian Indoor Championships in Kazakhstan earlier this year and three gold medals and one bronze in team events here as well”, he said.

The Results :

10 KM Men : 1. Deepak Adhikari (Nepal) 33:52.070 2. Daichi KAMINO (Japan) 33:52.385 3. Mukesh Bahadur Pal (Nepal) 34:32.835 10. Hemraj Gurjar (India) 35:41.674 11. Anand Singh (India) 35:59.706 12. Nitesh Kumar Rathva (India) 36:08.252 14. Balram (India) 36:45.710

10 KM Women : 1. Yua SARUMIDA (Japan) 38:33 2. Rajpura Pachhai (Nepal) 41:31 3. Sonika (India) 41:32 4. Chhavi Yadav (India) 41:33 5. Munni Devi (India)

8 KM Boys Under 20 : 1. Samir Eghbalighahyazi (Iran) 27:38 2. Shivaji Parashuram Madappagoudra (India) 27:39 3. Pouria Eshaghinezhad (Iran) 28:02 4. Subhasis Ghosh (India) 28:11 5. Vijay Sanjay Savaratkar (India) 29:50 8. Divbyanshu Kumar (India) 31:00

6 KM Girls Under 18 : 1. Srushti Shridhar Redekar (India) 42:15 2. Ram Maya Budha (Nepal) 24:15 3. Beby (India) 24:21 4. Priyanka C (India) 25:33 5. Bhumeshwory Devi Huidrom (India) 25:57