28th North Zone Junior Athletics Championships 2016

28th North Zone Junior Athletics Championships will be organized by Uttar Pradesh Athletics Association. The various details of the Championships are given below:-

Venue : Kailash Prakash Sports Stadium, Meerut

Dates : 22nd & 23rd January 2017

Last date for receipt of Entries : 12th January 2017

Age Groups : Boys & Girls under 20 Yrs.,18 Yrs.,1 6 Yrs, & 14 Yrs.

Reckoning of Age : Age of athletes will be reckoned as on 23rd January 2017

No. of events an athlete can participate: Two individual events and one Relay.

No. of entries States can send : Each State can send two entries per event in each age group. No Reserve entry will be accepted.

Verification of Age : The following Certificates are valid for verification of age of

(a) Under 16 Years:

Birth Certificate issued by Birth & Death Registration Office or Municipality/Corporation/Nagar Palika /District Headquarter.

(b) Above 16 Years:

(i) Certificate from Central/State Education Board showing date of birth.

(ii) Athletes, who have not gone to School at all, should produce Birth Certificate from authorities as indicated above.

(iii) Athletes, who are drop outs, should bring Birth Certificate and School Leaving Certificate from the School last attended.

The original Age Proof Certificates are required to be produced by the athletes. No other Certificate will be accepted as Proof of Age.

Responsibilities of Organizing Secretary:

(a) Age Verification Committee should be constituted to Identify overage athletes. The list of athletes found overaged should be sent to this office.

(b) The results should be prepared Group–wise/Event-wise e.g. Boys U/20-100m,200m,400m…, Boys U/18- 100m, 200m,400m… & so on). It is absolutely necessary that results are prepared on Microsoft Excel Format and not pdf format and sent by e-mail to this office. If the results are not sent to this office through e-mail., the Merit Certificates will not be prepared and the Organizing unit will be held responsible for this.

(c) Date of birth and Father’s name must be mentioned in the Results failing which the Merit Certificates will not be prepared.

(d) The performances of athletes in each Event of Combined Events should be mentioned in the results.

(e) A team of doctors should be nominated to assess age of athletes.

(f) AFI/IAAF approved equipment should be used i.e. Vinex.ATE./Nelco.

(g) State-wise compiled entry list should be sent to AFI office alongwith complete results.

(h) In throwing events, weights of implements should be mentioned in the results.

(i) It should be ensured that names of athletes are mentioned in the results of Relays alongwith their D.O.B.

(j) The height of hurdles in case of Junior Men (Below 20 years) is now 99 cm. and not 106 cm.

(k) The participating units should ensure that overage athletes already banned for participation are not entered.

(l) An event should not be conducted if entries are less than three (3). If the event is not conducted due to less entries or for any other reasons, the word “cancelled” should be written in the results against that event.

(m) Please note the change in weight of throwing implements for Girls U/18,U/16 & U/14.

Detailed Circular has already been sent to respective State Units.